Zante Monasteries

There are many monasteries in Zante. All these depict the ancient Greek culture and history through paintings and carvings on their walls and ceilings. They have unique histories and are built in honor of the holy mother. Given below are few of the monasteries of the island that can be enjoy on a Zante holiday.

Virgin Skopiotissas Monastery: This monastery is situated on top of the mountain named Skopos Mountain. It was built in the honor of the holy mother. The monastery was built in the 15th century and thus depicts the architecture and history of the ancient Greek civilizations. The monastery is surrounded by trees and mountains from all sides, but yet it gives a fantastic view of the whole island of Zante. The monastery was built on the ruins of an old temple of the Byzantine culture called as the Artemis. Thus, the monastery has very characteristic looks and designs.

Zante Monosteries

Spiliotissas Monastery: The monastery is situated in the north of the island in the village called as the Orthonies. It was built you honor the holy mother of the cave spiliotissa. The monastery was built in the 16th century and thus depicts the history of the Greeks of the same era. The monastery seems built on the edge of a gully. It is surrounded by trees on all sides, and has rich vegetation around it. Though the monastery is extremely beautiful, entry inside it is not accessible as it has become weak and thus there is a danger of fall of the ceiling inside the monastery. But, the monastery can be seen from outside.

Yperagathou Monastery: This monastery is a bit towards the edge of the island thus takes some time to reach. But, the road is extremely beautiful and thus, one fails to know how time passes in the journey. You need to pass the town of Kiliomeno to reach this place. The monastery is small but is very beautifully built. It is dedicated to the holy mother lord. It was built in the 17th century. The monastery is damaged due to its old age, but yet it shows beautiful paintings and carvings on the walls and the ceilings.

St. George Krimnon Monastery: This monastery is situated in the town of Anafonitria and gives us a spectacular view of the sea. The monastery seems a bit younger than the others as it was rebuilt around 1553 in Venetian style as the pirates had destroyed it completely. The monastery is very famous for the circular tower in its campus that was built for defending it fro any assaults. Though it was newly built, it depicts the Greek ancient history and stories like other monasteries. The walls and the ceilings are full of paintings and carvings depicting the same.

Beautiful Zante Beaches

The island of Zante is well known for its beaches. There are many beaches which will appeal to everyone: from unspoilt beaches, to beaches with watersports, secluded beaches – the list is endless. Many of the beaches in the south of the island (such as Gerakas & Sekania) are also breeding grounds of the endangered Caretta Sea Turtles, which lay their eggs in the soft sand and the baby turtle’s hatch about 8 weeks later.

From some of the beaches on the island it is possible to take boat trips to see the turtles, the most well known beach from which to do this is Laganas beach. It is a favourite trip of many tourists as it offers a unique experience to see such ancient and majestic creatures swimming gracefully in the calm waters of the Ionian Sea.